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Yesterday I did the first surgery
"Long hello", Green Gallery, Milwaukee.

La danza entre cuerpo de cartón y cuerpo de sangre. 

Performance y proyección del mismo en espacio interior. Diseño de sonido por ALTOPARLANTE /

I had to cut, make incisions. When I managed to place her body in a horizontal way, her insights were exposed, like cardboard guts. The procedure was painful and much more complicated that I thought. I turned the body over to construct muscle around the leg, the hips. I added bone cavities and managed to cover the first layer of dermis. Now is lying prone, she is drying.


  1. Formation of muscle

  2. Joints

  3. Movement

  4. Wholes and centrifugal forces (strings)

  5. Puppet

  6. Dance

  7. Yesterday I realize that this surgery was like drawing.

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